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Vista 5

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Last updated 2006-11-30

   Studer Vista 5

Compact Digital Broadcast and Live Mixing Console

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The new Studer Vista 5 incorporates the unique and revolutionary Vistonics™ operating interface providing instant overview as well as instant access to critical controls thus making operation quick and safe. Vistonics is an impressive proof for the technical excellence our products which comes together with the renown Studer audio quality.


S-Core Live

Compact Digital Broadcast and Live Console

The new Vista 5 is a highly flexible compact digital mixer, with a well-conceived control surface that will find favour amongst users in broadcast production, live sound and performance venues. The console's particularly small size and simple connectivity make it one of the most portable desks on the market, which will find its place in small to midsize studios and will easily fit into any OB van. It can be easily moved from one location to another and set up within minutes.

The 32-fader desk consists of 20 channel strips, optimised for input channel operation, and 12 additional versatile strips for operating output and input channels. By using the standard Vistonics screen, up to 52 outputs are under immediate control. A total of up to 240 channels can be accessed from the desk and laid out in any order, with the Vistonics system giving instant control over all related channel functions. DSP power and IO are specified by the customer. The total I/O capacity, comprising various cards including Mic/Line, ADAT, TDIF, AES/EBU, SDI and MADI, may exceed 1700 inputs and outputs.

At just 6U (6 rack spaces), Studer's new Score DSP engine is much smaller than many DSP engines, and, by including some local I/O, demands much less space on installation than many other console systems.

The Vista 5 offers all the surround capabilities a user can dream of. Formats include 2CH stereo, LCR, LCRS and 5.1. The internal 5.1-to-stereo downmix function allows for simultaneous live productions in both formats. The Vista 5 also includes Studer's world-famous 'Virtual Surround Panning' (VSPTM), using not only amplitude, but also time delay and frequency response panning as well as artificially-generated early reflections for realistic placement of sound sources.

Studer On-Air 3000 Digital Mixing Console

The Studer OnAir 3000 further extends Studer's range of digital broadcast consoles with a completely new design aimed at the medium to upper segment of the radio market including private and public network broadcast stations. The operating concept of the OnAir 3000 will be totally familiar to Studer users, as the wide range of compact and elegant control surface modules incorporates the same patented "Touch'nAction" philosophy as the highly successful Studer OnAir 2000, using colour GUI screens.

The OnAir 3000 design is based on a completely modular desk and a new DSP engine. The fader module includes six fader strips, and up to eight fader modules may be fitted, giving a maximum console size of 48 faders. Layout options range from a highly comprehensive engineer-operated continuity console to a single fader panel for DJ and newsroom use or even a PC-operated system with no physical desk controls.
The console has three main stereo mix buses plus an audition facility, four stereo aux. buses, 16 mix-minus sends, configurable as AUXes and three independent studio monitoring circuits and offers full dynamics, EQ and input/output routing in each channel.
On AIr 3000

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DAR OMR 8 8-channel Harddisk Recorder / Editor, 30GB Western Harddisk demo 1.100


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Revox C278 / 8 log 8 track tape Recorder, Logging speed new 1.580,-
TL Audio VP1

Valve Voice Processor , MIC Preamp, Compressor,EQ

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AKG C12 VR Studio Valve Mic, Remotable demo 2.000,-

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Quested F19 Active Studio Subwoofer, 10" demo 750,-
Studer Vintage Service Manuals Orig. C 37, J 37, A77, B67, B77, ask for details ! ea./ per 55 - 75,-